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This week’s short is a collaboration between two artistic titans: Walt Disney and Salvador Dali.

It’s basically Fantasia on acid. Somewhere in all this imagery is a plot. Read more about it here.




Another lighthearted short this week.

It’s about a man who tries to cheat death.

It’s remarkable that this one was made by a group of students.


Something a little more lighthearted.


We’ve all had mornings like this one.



This week’s short is very dear to me.

I saw this short film waaaay back in high school and it has stuck with me ever since.

Not only is it well shot with a poignant message, but it also has an amazing original song, which you can download on iTunes.

This film is about the nature of happiness, drugs, and how others perceive our emotions. It grows more relevant with every passing day.



Changing this pace with this week’s pick.

It’s about a camera crew that follows around two serial killers who attempt to kill sixteen victims in twenty four hours.

This one is a little more artsy than some of the other shorts I’ve featured- it’s in black and white and all of the dialogue is in French. That’s about as artsy as you can get.

However, there’s some interesting history with this film.

First off, it’s based on the Kid Cudi song “Maniac” off the album Man in the Moon Pt. 2.  Kid Cudi actually stars in this movie as one of the serial killers (you’ll never guess which one). He also did all the music, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The film was directed and written by Shia LaBeouf before he went completely insane. He even has a brief cameo at the very end.

What I find so interesting about this film is that it’s an interpretation of a song. I love seeing art beget art and I think it’s very cool that Kid Cudi had a direct hand in making this movie.

To me, Maniac takes the genre of the music video a step further. Instead of focusing on the music and lyrics, it’s reinterpreting things by taking the themes and feelings the song embodies and communicates them through another medium, not necessarily featuring the song at all. It’s a kind of translation and it’s certainly something you don’t see every day.

Shia and Kid Cudi did a great job with this short film.


I picked this one because it made me weep like a twelve year old girl.

It’s about an old woman who gains a new robotic housekeeper.


Your Lucky Day from Daniel Brown on Vimeo.

I actually saw this short a while back, but it has stuck with me for so long that I decided it needs to be made the short of the week.

This one is a little different from last week’s, as it is live action instead of animation. The production value is definitely pretty high for a short film, and it even has a familiar face in the cast- Rider Strong (Shawn from Boy Meets World).

It’s also pretty long for a short, running a little over 15 minutes, but I assure you, it’s really good.

Your Lucky Day is about greed and how the possibility of wealth and power will drive people to commit unspeakable acts.

This one is also pretty violent (I promise this won’t be a running theme) and kind of sexual, so maybe look over your shoulder before checking this one out.


What’s this? A new post? On a Wednesday? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

No. But I have decided to start writing a WEEKLY segment here creatively titled (shut up) Short of the Week.

As it turns out, there is a wealth of amazing short films on Youtube. So every Wednesday, I am going to spotlight one of these shorts.

It works out for everyone- you are entertained for 5-10 minutes, the creators reach a new audience, and I get those precious, precious site views.

The first Short of the Week is called The Blackwater Gospel by The Animation Group.

It’s a cool little film about a desert town. Very stylized and aesthetic. There’s also a really great original song. I will warn you that it’s pretty violent, so I guess don’t watch it at work.

I was struck when I first saw this because it tackles a lot of big themes in the short run time, like fear of death, religion, and the herd mentality.

Post your thoughts in the comments.


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