Finally got around to doing some painting this week. My kitchen was looking a little sparse art-wise, so I whipped up this bad boy.

That'd do, painting. That'll do.

That’d do, painting. That’ll do.

We eat a lot of pork in my house.

I tried something a little different with this painting, in that it’s on canvas. Normally, I like to paint on canvas or watercolor paper, as it’s a lot cheaper.

I stepped up to the plate though and put this one down on canvas. Of course, I practiced it a bunch of times before I made the final.

Here’s a few of the drafts if you’re curious.

photo 2 (2)

I wanted to do a painting based on the different cuts of pork.

Once I got the shape down, I did some experimenting with color. I wanted the pig to look like it’s been cooked.


This was one of the first attempts. Things were a little too tight for me, so I made the spaces between the cuts wider in the final.

This one looks a little more red, but that’s because I only did one coat on this one instead of the two I did on the final.

This one is hanging in the kitchen, so I’m afraid it’s not for sale.