What’s this? A new post? On a Wednesday? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

No. But I have decided to start writing a WEEKLY segment here creatively titled (shut up) Short of the Week.

As it turns out, there is a wealth of amazing short films on Youtube. So every Wednesday, I am going to spotlight one of these shorts.

It works out for everyone- you are entertained for 5-10 minutes, the creators reach a new audience, and I get those precious, precious site views.

The first Short of the Week is called The Blackwater Gospel by The Animation Group.

It’s a cool little film about a desert town. Very stylized and aesthetic. There’s also a really great original song. I will warn you that it’s pretty violent, so I guess don’t watch it at work.

I was struck when I first saw this because it tackles a lot of big themes in the short run time, like fear of death, religion, and the herd mentality.

Post your thoughts in the comments.