I love Greek mythology. This is not the first time I’ve written about it.

A Detail of "Mercury and Paris" by Donato Creti

A Detail of “Mercury and Paris” by Donato Creti

I took a few minutes to write a poem about one of the most interesting deities- Hermes. I recently read the book Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde, and in it was an entire section on the role Hermes plays in the Greek pantheon. Hyde writes a very interesting cultural study, so if you’re interested in mythology and how it relates to modern culture, this may be the book for you.

Anyways, here’s my poem.

Ode to Hermes

Everything stolen
Tastes sweeter.
Be it candy
Or a heart.

I offer these lines
In sacrifice
To the father
Of this art.

Only a child himself,
When he boosted his first prize,
Covering his tracks
And heaping on the lies.

That swift-footed progenitor
Brought a gift to mankind.
Giving us the ability
To rob each other blind.

A stolen toy
May bring tears
And a stolen kiss
A smirk.

Stolen money
brings tragedy,
But puts off
A day of work.

Keep your hands
To yourself.
Keep walking
The line.

Keep your wits about
Or what’s yours
Will soon be mine.