Life is hard. This is a cold hard truth. It’s some kind of cosmic joke on the human race. There is so much beauty on this planet of ours, but our lives are filled with struggle and strife from beginning to end. Even those who are blessed with the best that life has to offer are ridden with unhappiness. It seems to me that we are wired for pain and struggle. And while this may seem like a bleak notion, what would joy be without pain? They’re two sides to the same coin.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying a great burden.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying a great burden.

I think we forget that everyone is fighting a battle. We get wrapped up in our own problems. Yes, life is hard. I’m sure that your problems are not small. But it is unfair to assume that your problems are worse than anybody else’s. You don’t have the context that led them to where they are. It’s true that some problems are self-inflicted. And some problems are more urgent than others. But nobody has any right to pass judgement because nobody will ever have all of the facts.

And while we must always remember to be kind, we each must take responsibility for ourselves. Face your problems. Fight your battles. And more importantly, learn something from your struggles. What’s the good of dragging yourself through the mud if you don’t  take something away from it?

That’s something that I’m trying to work on about myself. Every painful experience is a learning opportunity. It gives you a chance to shape yourself into a stronger, smarter person. I’ve realized that I have little patience for people who do not see struggle as an opportunity to grow. They run their heads into the wall over and over and then complain about their migraines.  They don’t realize they need to adapt.

But, everyone is on their own journey and they are travelling at their own pace. The best thing to do is try to help them heft their burden along the way.