2013 is finally upon us, leaving 2012 in the dust.

It’s a new year and it certainly feels that way.

This is going to look really stupid in retrospect.

This is going to look really stupid in retrospect.

I always try to start the new year with optimism and a good set of goals for myself. This year I am feeling especially optimistic, mostly due to the extremely shitty start that 2012 had last January.

I want to take the time to remind all of you the importance of setting goals for yourself. The only way to improve as a person is to set and reach goals. Too many of us carry the vague notion of wanting to improve and better ourselves, but have no idea where to begin or what to do. The proper response is to break apart a long-term goal into a series of smaller, more manageable goals.

We set ourselves up for failure when we do not set goals that are specific enough. For example, one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to “lose weight.” But what does that mean? Does that mean eating healthier? Does that mean exercising regularly? Does that mean losing only 1 pound? There are too many different directions you can go in, which is why there are so many fatasses running around. The idea they are trying to tackle is too big and abstract for them to take on successfully.

But, if they were to have the long term goal to lose weight and then set some short term goals like “exercise three times a week” or “eat red meat only twice a week” then there would probably be less fat people running, well, not running, more like waddling, around.

Anyways, I have set several long term goals for myself this year, which I plan on reaching through short term goals. Here they are:

Finish the new, as of now untitled, book I started in November.

Finish editing Rat in a Cage

Become proficient in Russian

Chew my food better

For the most part, these goals are large and complicated beasts that are going to need a lot of work and discipline to accomplish. However, if I break then down into smaller, more concrete goals, they suddenly seem much more likely to happen:

Write 500 words a day for the new book.

Edit 5 chapters a week for Rat in a Cage

Practice Rosetta Stone twice a week

Chew each piece of food twenty times.

Wow! Just look at how easy all of those things seem now! They don’t seem like swirling whirlpools of ambiguity and failure at all!

All I have left to say to you, my lovely little reader, is that the best way to become less of a piece of shit is to set goals and reach them. So do your part and make yourself less shitty, since nobody is perfect.

Except for me.

I’m perfect.

Have a great year. Keep checking out the blog for new and exciting updates! And be sure to pop over to Interstellar Fiction to check out some quality science fiction.