It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here.

Mostly because I’ve been putting all of my energies into editing my books, writing a new short story, and editing for Interstellar Fiction (An awesome sci-fi magazine that you should totally check out.)

However, I’d like a take a moment to address a rapidly growing interest of mine: freestyle rapping.

Freestyling: My newest love. Behind Writing, Reading, Whiskey, Women, and Drugs. (In no particular order, of course.)

I realize the ridiculousness of that statement and am flagrantly disregarding it.

Freestyling is awesome. It’s like poetry, but even closer to the soul. Because in poetry, you treat every word like a precious jewel. You take time to get the exact meaning and flow that you want your poem to communicate. You’re giving the reader a piece of your soul with a poem, but it’s hardened by pressure and time.

Freestyling is almost exactly the opposite. It’s all about keeping the beat and going with the flow, making rhymes that may not entirely make sense. You’re just going with the first things that come to your mind, which of course has a lot to say about your subconscious and the overall state of mind that you’re in.

When I first started freestyling with my friends, I was really nervous and self-conscious. I stumbled over rhymes and would break off in the middle of my turns out of sheer embarrassment. But once I got a few drinks in me, I didn’t care and I just kept going even if I couldn’t think of anything to say. And my rhymes got a lot better.

See, that’s the thing about the freestyle. It’s about letting go more than anything else. Just letting the flow take you. And it’s a hell of a time. If you like to write poetry, I would highly recommend trying out some freestyling. You don’t even need to do it with other people: just throw on an instrumental and do it on your own. You may start a little slow, but I promise that you start spitting hot fire soon enough…