As much as I love bears, this post has little to do with the greatest animal to walk the earth.

Yep. It's a bear all right.

Has nothing to do with this post. Still Awesome.

No, instead, this post is a response to a recent article that I had read. To summarize, it was about how Israel is planning to demolish Palestinian solar panels in West Bank because they were “illegally” set up.

No, they weren’t installed using orphan labor, nor are they posing a danger to any of the people that rely on them for electricity. The only reason why the Israelis want to tear down the panels is because the Spanish Government put them up without getting a permit from them first.

Now, if your palm didn’t immediately meet your forehead, let me take a minute to explain something to you. The Israelis hate the Palestinians. They want them off of what they consider to be their land. And its clear that they will use any means necessary to get them off of it.

Case in point, they are not going to approve any sort of project that would be beneficial to the Palestinians. I mean, that’s just logic. Why would you want to help your enemy? (Unless you’re joining forces to beat an even bigger enemy…)

But the reason why this is a dick move on Israel’s part is because 1) The Palestinians living in this part of West Bank desperately rely on those panels for energy. They know that without them, the Palestinians will be plunged into literal darkness and will have to go without all of the fancy gadgets that we enjoy in these futuristic times of ours. And I’m not talking about Iphones and Flat screens, either. And 2) while they’re making this group of people suffer because they don’t like them and want them off their land, they’re also whining about Iran and how they’re a big bully with nuclear ducks.

The hypocriticism makes me want to puke. I don’t understand how they can oppress a group of people and fear oppression at the same time. I’m not sure if this is the right term to use, but the words “Cognitive Dissonance” come to mind.

In any case, let’s bring it back to the title of this post. It’s no secret that Israel is not the most popular country in the world. You’d think that they’d maybe try to look like less of a dick on the global stage so all of their immediate neighbors hate them just a little bit less. I mean, it’s not like the Palestinians are asking for much.  All they want is a slice of desert to call their own, without any  soldiers on it blowing their shit up and telling them what to do. In fact, I recall a certain country in the late 1940’s that asked for something similar… Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that the Israelis seem to be trying to piss everyone off. They’re poking a sleeping bear. And when the bear wakes up, there’s probably gonna be a massive fucking war in the Middle East.

And of course, the United States is going to get involved because we’ve got Israel’s back for some reason. Keep in mind, this war will be unlike the imperialist bullshit that we’ve been waging for the past decade or so. This will be an all-out, no-holds-barred fuckfest. Because we, the United States, don’t hate the people of Iraq or Afganistan even a fraction of the amount that everyone else in the Middle East hates Israel. I don’t say this to belittle either war, but to emphasize how massive of a war this would be if somebody attacked Israel.

The smart move on the United State’s part would be to either A: tell Israel to calm the fuck down, or B: to start distancing ourselves from them. And judging by the way things have been going, we’re probably going to do neither.

So pretty much, we’re fucked.