I wish I could say that I haven’t updated the blog because I’ve been so swamped with work and writing and being a productive member of society, instead of binge drinking and fucking around with my friends like I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. But since today is such a special day, I feel compelled to sit down and throw a few words onto the page.

I’m spending Valentine’s Day with the person that I love the most. And if you’re smart, you’ll realize that the person I’m talking about is me, because I’m writing this post at 9:41pm on Valentine’s Day. Clearly I have nothing better to do.

But unlike the thousands of sad sacks contemplating suicide on this night of nights, I’m pumped that I’m doing nothing. I mean, the only people that truly enjoy Valentine’s Day are women in relationships, the ones who are getting all the attention and presents. I’m excited because I don’t need to buy anybody any gifts. I don’t need to pay for a nice dinner. I mean, I’m also not getting laid tonight, but I could probably have sex without buying somebody a $50 bouquet of roses and a $75 dinner. But I suppose I’m a bit of an exception as well, since this is my first Valentine’s Day in several years where I’ve actually been single.

Regardless, the question that I pose is this: What makes Valentine’s Day different from any other day? Why are the sad sacks only beweeping their fate now, worrying about whether or not they’re gonna die alone and such? Isn’t every other day more or less the same?

What I don’t understand is why the sad sacks and forever alones feel bad in the first place. They act as though they are alone due to no fault of their own, that somebody thrusted the loner lifestyle upon them. And of course there’s all sorts of excuses, but all of them are bullshit.

Ooh, it’s so hard talking to people. Shut up. No it isn’t. No matter who you meet, there’s probably some common ground that you have. We’re all humans, after all. There are things that we all take pleasure in just by virtue of the fact that we’re walking around and alive. Like eating. Everyone likes food.

Oh, but I’m ugly. So what? At least that’s a little bit more of a legitimate excuse than being shy. I mean, it’s definitely harder being an ugly girl than an ugly guy, but let’s be realistic for just a moment. There are seven billion sentient ape descendants running around on this god-forsaken rock. Is it so unbelievable to think that at least one out of seven billion finds you attractive? I think the odds are in the ugly person’s favor.

Besides, it all comes down to how you carry yourself. Confidence is sexy. The first person that you need to convince that you’re awesome is you. How else could anybody believe you if you don’t even think it yourself?

But even beyond human mating rituals, why do we need validation? Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a nice feeling to be loved in the way that a person is supposed to be loved on Valentine’s Day. But what I mean is why do people get so bitter and depressed about Valentine’s Day? Because they’re missing out? Because they’re jealous and want somebody there for them?

I mean, yeah, definitely. But I think one thing that most people lack is self-assurance. Within each and every one of us there is immense strength. And if we tapped into it even a little bit, we would be much happier, confident, and comfortable with who we are.

Might as well end on a positive note. Besides, I’m tired of ranting and rambling. Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day.