It’s no secret that there is something very wrong with the world that we live in. We are not perfect, so we must live in an imperfect world.

But there are varying degrees of imperfection and we are well beyond the point of what is acceptable and excusable.

The first thing I do when I get to work is check the news. One article I found was an expose on Apple’s treatment of its Chinese workers. Though I had known that Apple did not treat its workers overseas fairly, I did not realize the extent of their callousness and cruelty:

“Employees work excessive overtime, in some cases seven days a week, and live in crowded dorms. Some say they stand so long that their legs swell until they can hardly walk.”

And what is this suffering for? So we can play Angry Birds and Words With Friends? Apple has posted record profits because, at least in part, of this cheap labor.

Then there’s ACTA, a new international anti-piracy act that many nations, including the United States, have already signed. It’s basically SOPA and PIPA on steroids and a much larger threat to the internet, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

Again we’re seeing basic human rights being exchanged for money. The greed within us is bottomless. The RIAA and MPAA are so greedy that they are willing to crush something as beautiful as the free internet, which is a complete reflection of the human condition, just so they can make a few more bucks from their movies and songs.

And this isn’t a matter of the artists getting their fair share. There are many, many middlemen between the bands/actors and the albums/movies that all need to be paid as well. Everyone needs to take their bite.

Our politicians are swine. The Republican primaries make me want to kill myself. Old white men just keep slinging mud and vomiting ad hominum attacks at one another, trying to make the other look worse. It’s a spectacle almost as big as the Superbowl, with the same style and amount of coverage.

And even though the GOP is a hydra whose heads keep biting one another, they all take their shots at the left as well.

Rick Santorum had the balls to say that the “Left uses college for indoctrination.” That by pursuing higher education and getting a degree, by making yourself smarter and bettering yourself, you somehow become indoctrinated with leftist beliefs.

Santorum went on to talk about how Judeo-Christian concepts should be taught in colleges and how most who enter college with some sort of faith end up losing it by the time they graduate.

Now, I hate snotty, self-satisfied athiests who are just as in-your-face about their lack of faith as an evengelical Christian is about their abundance of faith. It makes me embarrassed that I share similar beliefs with them. But, shit. Santorum sure isn’t making it easy to not hate Christians.

Judeo-Christian concepts have no place in a classroom. They are not facts. It is just one very specific way of looking at the world, which is why they do not belong in the university. College is all about, in addition to the pursuit of knowledge, finding other lenses to see the world through.

However, the more educated and worldly a person gets, the harder it is to control and manipulate them. If everyone had the same specific worldview, then they would be much easier to control. I don’t know if Santorum realizes this himself, or if  he is just so indoctrinated in the Judeo-Christian mindset that he just wants everyone to share the same worldview as him.

That’s all for today. I’ve gotta go find another 5 gallon bucket to puke into, cause the one I’ve got here is just about full.