Well, that was a quick thirty days.

It was only 720 short hours ago that I, on a whim, decided to try to write a body of work that had a word count of at least fifty thousand words. Inspired by National Novel Writing Month, I started my task with bright eyed determination. Then, as the weeks went by, I started to get bogged down with responsibilities, obligations, and opportunities. Soon, there wasn’t any time to any writing at all! And that caused me to slip further into the hole and that made me even less motivated.

But this was never about crossing the finish line. It was about creating a lot of new material in a short amount of time and create I did. I wrapped up these thirty days forty thousand words in. So it’s not like I’m coming away with nothing. I’m just about halfway through my story and will hopefully have it finished sometime before the new year.

That may sound like a joke, but it sadly isn’t. Now that I’m back in college, I’ve got a whole new set of agonies and distractions to deal with, which, of course, cuts into my writing time. I’m gonna take it slow and work on my story whenever I get the chance and thread the words together little by little. It’ll be done soon enough and that’ll be that.

With that being said, I’ll try to update the blog semi-regularly for all four of you readers out there. I’ll definitely get around to uploading some more cards into the archive. I’ve got a fat stack of them over here and have just been too lazy to scan them.

In any case, let’s hear about your last thirty days, if you chose to do some writing as well. Make use of the comment box.