So now it has been a little over two weeks.

I’m more than halfway done and I’m well into my story. Things are starting to happen and major plot devices are getting rolled out. Scenes are spliced in in order to contribute to characterization and fluff the word count up a little. I work from an outline and sometimes I need to pad the bare bones of the story with something extra. Something to hold everything together a little more. Chances are good that most of it will be cut out, if not ground down to something a little less clunky.

I know that the end product of this frenzied dash will not be a good book. Not enough time and love were put in for it to be even close. But once the first draft is done it’ll be a slow, loving process. There’ll be rereads and rewrites galore. Characters will be slashed. Names will be shortened. Entire scenes may vanish in a puff of ink. It’ll be a massacre of words. It will be a lot of work. And it will take a lot of love and time. Mostly time.

But right now all I’m concerned with is getting the writing done.  I’ve learned thus far that it’s important to write every day. Even just a little. Any amount of writing goes towards chipping away the mountain. Missing an entire day is a fast way to get in the hole. It doubles the next day’s quota, which increases apathy, and apathy means less writing gets done and that means bigger quotas and it just goes on and on.

Although it is a nice feeling when I finally get back on track. A few days ago I was at the computer and words were pouring out of me. I wish moods like that would come more often. I’m such a procrastinator. I can never write without first getting a snack or checking my email or the thousands of other wastes of time I can come up with.

It’s definitely better just to finish the day’s writing than to put it off.

So try to get something down every day, even if it’s just a sentence. It’s one more sentence than you had before.