For those of you who haven’t been following the news, Media Emperor Rupert Murdoch is under investigation by the British Parliament for illegal wire-tapping, for which he simply states that he is not responsible. He denies having any involvement with any sort of criminal activity that went on in News International.

But it’s plain that he does. He probably knew exactly what was going on, knew exactly which phones were being tapped. He probably even listened to the tapes himself.  As this situation develops, we’ll see just how many people were involved, and I’m sure it’ll be more than a few.

Regardless of how many whistles are blown or how much dirt is dug, I am very confident that Murdoch will experience little to no consequence for the actions of his company.  Because he is rich. Because he is powerful. Because he is of the same breed of person that calls all the shots and holds all the cards. He is one of the people that run the world.

What we are getting a glimpse at is the way the world actually works. The rich and powerful do what they please, breaking any law that they want in order to continue pulling the strings. I am certain that News International’s practices are not the only of its type. In fact, there have been glimpses into the world’s backstage all throughout history.

Remember Watergate? Those were the actions of a major political party. And it was a scandal that went all the way up to the president, forcing him to resign. And don’t think that Watergate was just an isolated incident, either. I’m sure it’s something that goes on daily. The US government definitely has its share of skeletons in the closet. We sure have enough out in the open. (Guantanamo Bay)

The public has an extremely short memory for things like this. It’s the way that they want it. They bombard us with meaningless distractions. The trial Casey Anthony is a prime example of such distractions. We get all worked up about something that doesn’t matter, while they tiptoe in the background. Then, when the dust settles, we go back to our routines as though nothing happened.

At the same time, they silence those who try to give us a voice. Look at Julian Assange. He acts as the bearer of truth in providing thousands of leaked international diplomatic cables and they try to make him a criminal. Look at Aaron Swartz, founder of reddit and leader of the Demand Progress Movement, a group that fights for internet rights. They have just indicted him with a bullshit charge of data theft for downloading too many articles from the Internet.

There are people trying to fight for us, but they are few and those in control are many. The Nixons and Murdochs of the world will do anything within their ample power to silence those who give us a voice. The time is coming where we must rise and fight for ourselves.