It has been more than 70 years since marijuana was made illegal. In that time, countless arrests have been made and billions of dollars have been wasted on a failed War on Drugs. Anybody who thinks that the War on Drugs is a good thing, or has succeeded in any way, is either gullible or delusional.

Why is marijuana even illegal? It’s been proven to have all sorts of uses as a medicine: a pain killer, an appetite stimulant, hell, it even prevents Alzheimer’s. It’s impossible to overdose on; it’s not even carcinogenic. There are many many other drugs that are legal that are far more dangerous than marijuana. A hundred people die every year from aspirin alone, just to put things in perspective. Is it to protect the moral fiber of this country? I am doubtful, solely because we live in a country where there are no morals. We live in a country where the good guys are jailed and silenced and the bad guys are made into heroes. I don’t think legalization is going to cause any major changes in that respect.

But for me personally, it goes beyond any of that. A person should have the right to poison themselves with anything they so choose. Every drug should be legalized, regulated and taxed. And for those of you who think that if that were to happen everyone would suddenly become a addict ask yourself this: If you could go to the store and buy yourself some heroin, would that make it any more likely for you to take some? I doubt it. And if you said yes then you’re just being a contrary  bastard and should go fuck yourself.

In any case, Ron Paul and Barney Frank have joined forces and have recently introduced a bill to not quite legalize marijuana. I say not quite because what the bill will do is allow states to decide for themselves what they want to do about marijuana, sort of like the drinking age (except this time around the state governments will hopefully not be bullied into doing what the federal government wants). While I hope that the bill goes through, I know that it has slim chances of passing. There are too many dinosaurs on Capital Hill who would rather give their money away to charity before allowing hippy lettuce to be legalized.

But there is one hope: this country is going broke. Everyone is going broke. And there’s nothing that a politician cares more about than money. The more broke we get, the more attractive that tax revenue from legal marijuana sales gets. It’s like beer goggles. Eventually they’re gonna be so drunk on debt that they’re gonna take home a bill to legalize marijuana and hump some cash out of it, then possibly feel regret in the morning when all is said and done and nothing can be taken back.

It’s really only a matter of time.